The story of how SPARX came to be starts from humble beginnings. Just after graduating business school in Vancouver Canada, I set out on a backpacking trip around South East Asia. It was on this trip that SPARX Underwear was born.

While travelling through South East Asia the sweltering heat and the constant ocean swimming left my underwear in the perfect condition for extreme chaffing. After one 8 hour hike mountain hike I returned to my hostel with some serious chaffing down under. The chaffing left me walking like a cowboy that has ridden a horse for a week straight.

While resting up in my hostel I thought there must be a better way to design underwear that supported your boys while using fabrics designed to keep you cool and dry. So instead of heading back to Canada at the end of my trip I flew to Shanghai to attend the INTERTEXTILE FAIR.  It was here that I found a factory that was able to create underwear that would support my package while doing all the activities that sparked me. Thus, SPARX was born (the "x" makes it sexy).

Underwear designed to be worn for a life that SPARX you, that was the business philosophy and what better place to start a underwear company designed to provide “comfort down under” to men than the Land Down Under. So after a quick visit to see family and friends in Vancouver I packed my bags and bought a one was ticket to Melbourne, Australia where the SPARX headquarters is now based.

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